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Dementia Genetic

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One type of frontotemporal dementia, called familial frontotemporal dementia, has a particularly strong genetic link, and a variant in a gene called TMEM106B has been implicated in several forms of the. 5 days ago. Lifestyle factors may also help lower your risk of dementia, even if you have a higher genetic risk, according to a ….  Continue Reading

Dementia Music

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“A lot of our residents are tearful because it brings back happy and sad memories at the same time. “Music is definitely a. Gary LeMel, the music supervisor on such huge-selling soundtracks as The Bodyguard, The Big Chill and Ghostbusters, died last. Jan 18, 2019. People with dementia are to be prescribed 'personal playlists' to ….  Continue Reading

Dementia Help

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Drastically lowering blood pressure may help protect memory and thinking skills later in life, researchers reported Monday — the first hopeful sign that it’s possible to lower rates of mental. There are groups that help with the specific demands of life with dementia, offering assistance to people who need help accessing support services, for instance, ….  Continue Reading